Thaqafa Weekly #3

This is an video straight out of the Yarmouk refugee camp. The situation is dire and to name it a camp would be unfair. In fact it only serves as a strip of land in which those seeking safety stay trapped, only just sheltered from outside violence, without food or water.

The poem Labour Pains by Fadwa Tuqan was a favourite this week.

The wind blows the pollen in the night
through ruins of fields and homes.
Earth shivers with love,
with the pain of giving birth,
but the conqueror wants us to believe
stories of submission and surrender.
O Arab Aurora!
Tell the usurper of our land
that childbirth is a force unknown to him,
the pain of a mother’s body,
that the scarred land
inaugurates life
at the moment of dawn
when the rose of blood
blooms on the wound.

The Which Remains Project is a “mobile photography project to document all the heritage icons all over Egypt.” A great Facebook and Instagram account for fans of all things vintage.

Egypt’s plan to build a new city outside Cairo was a news favourite this week. To see the plans fully executed and the new town becoming a genuinely viable, affordable and sustainable alternative with the Egyptian people at heart instead of businesses pocketing cash for half-finished buildings is yet to be seen. The language employed to describe the new city does suggest this, but considering Egypt’s recent history, I would rather see it before I believe it.

There is something about this piece by Ali Jabbar which I find intriguing. It looks like an execution and simultaneously two men fussing over a woman’s appearance before she arrives at a glamourous event. What do you think?


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