Thaqafa Weekly #2

This week I discovered Sami Al Ramyan, a documentary and street photographer from Kuwait. He is a candid portrait photographer, with a strong ability to channel human emotion through his images.

Djibouti, January 2015 –

Shot by Nermine Haddad, this glimpse into the thoughts of writer Leila Tubel after the revolution hijacked her creativity.

“You can’t leave what is bubbling inside of you to write about something else.”

The Instagram spot of the week goes to @fwarabs – from where Arabs stand. For a peek into the aesthetically pleasing snapshots of the lives of Arabs across the world, follow their account.

Meet AlSarah, a Sudanese singer, who mixes Arabic and Sudanese sounds with quirky West-East graphic designs and fashion.

An eye opening article from Al Jazeera on the status of Iraqi women before and after 30 years of war and occupation. “Things were so much better before”.



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