Thaqafa Weekly #1

To kick off the first in the T-Weekly series is a new Instagram project from @diplomantiq. “#IRAQnostalgia: This is a response to the current wave of cultural cleansing in #Iraq – A series of posts to celebrate the nation’s rich culture & heritage.” Can’t wait to see more.

Dhafer Youssef is an artist I discovered only this week. Hailing from Tunisia he moved to Europe in the 90s to launch his career. Youssef’s music takes inspiration from Sufism, Electronica, Jazz and the Middle East – his music is eerie, stunning and incredibly evocative.

Joe Sacco’s Journalism is my first of hopefully a complete collection of his publications. His work is honest, heart-breaking and brutally realistic. Reading Journalism is challenging on the basis of Sacco’s unique ability to simultaneously expose the harshness and vulnerability of humankind.

Love Arab food? Love Ya Salam Cooking. This is a great blog full of plenty of ideas, mouth-watering images and great things to try. Even if you don’t like cooking, you’ll be tempted back into the kitchen with this one!

Et finalement, une vidéo que j’ai trouvée sur EuroAlgerie. Fait par René Vautier est considéré le premier film anticolonialiste de la vérité sur le colonialisme en Algérie. Cet extrait détaille principalement les buts des colonialistes et les immoralités adopté par eu en cherchant d’imposer la civilisation à l’Afrique.

Unfortunately this video has no subtitles, but it is considered one of the first anti-colonialist films which was banned for over 40 years. In it, René Vautier reads documents by or relating to the French men that first colonised Algeria – their concentration camps and the immortality they inflicted on the locals. Knowledge that must continue to be researched, recorded and shared.




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