“Shako Mako?” Omar Offendum and The Narcicyst: Two Artists You Need to See Live

Shielded from the London chill, the Narcicyst stormed the stage last night with Omar Offendum and a wolf o’er his head. The team were introduced by the soulful Nagash Ali and the brilliant British DJ KMT who kicked off the evening with a fantastic melange of African, Arab and European beats who then continued to support all acts until curtains closed.

I have words for all but my emotions and for months I had been searching for the phrases robust enough to contain my feelings on the crises in Syria, Iraq, the DRC and elsewhere. After a seamless rendition of ‘Finjan’, ‘Crying shame’ mollified the crowd’s tumult as Offendum’s words drowned out the hip-hop beat accompanying him, handing me the verses I had been looking for. His poetic chants shipped us back as forth throughout the last century, the East and the West, exchanging Arabic for English wherever the feelings fit. His recitations were impeccable and undoubtedly raised hairs on the necks of even those who understood little of what he said.

The Narcicyst then flew onto the stage relieving us from our emotional exhaustion with his more recent and upbeat releases such as ‘Colour-blind’ and Leap of Faith. Both artists demonstrated their ability to powerfully manipulate English and Arabic and supplied heaps of positivity – complementing each other perfectly. The pair must be commended not only for their talent as musicians and writers, but also for their honesty, support of and encouragement towards the Arab community. I am particularly proud as an Arab, a lover of music and their message of their ever increasing achievements. Their work encourages my own and as a huge believer of culture, The Narcicyst and Omar Offendum are a positive reminder of the overflow of potential we have as a people and how that is something I also wish to support.

The show was unforgettable and I highly recommend you pay them a visit whilst they are still on tour. They deserve to be played in every household and if you like having fun, you’ll love seeing them live.

(The Narcicyst and Omar Offendum will be playing live at SOAS, London on 10/02/2015)


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