Why is Morocco..?

Why is Morocco an LEDC?/Why is Morocco a developing country?/poor?

According to the United Nations, to qualify as an LEDC/LDC, a state must have the lowest indicators of socioeconomic development in addition to the lowest Human Development Index of all countries in the world. Morocco would classify as an LDC if the triennial GNI per capita was less than US$922. To leave the list of LDCs, it would have to exceed $1190. The nation in question must also have a human resource weakness based on nutrition, health, education and literary figures and have significant economic vulnerability. At present, Morocco does not qualify as an LDC.

Click here for Morocco’s statistics regarding mortality, health, education and so forth.

Why is Morocco not a member of the African Union?

Morocco was previously a member of the Organization of African Unity (OAU), now the African Union, but resigned in 1984. This occurred after the AU recognised the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, which is presently unrecognised by and has been under the control of Morocco since 1976. The AU contains nation states far more corrupt, with far worse human rights records than Morocco; however its stand for independence has deepened this particularly sensitive line in the sand between the two.

Despite attempts to rejoin the grouping with efforts from human rights organisations to instil peace-keeping forces in the process and a redraft of lines by the US, little has changed. Tunisia has since lobbied for Morocco’s reintegration and the death of Gadaffi has left a hole for potential financial support from the world’s 7th richest King, Mohamed VI – an attractive alternative for states that wish to relieve Africa’s overdependence on European funding.

Why is Morocco famous?

Morocco’s clichéd calls to fame are mint tea, berber tribes, ras el hanout, tajine, Casablanca and other tourist spots. What it is more notable for, is its astounding architecture as the birthplace of the University and the hometown of the intrepid explorer Ibn Battuta.

Why is Morocco not in the UN?

It is.

Why is Morocco important?

Morocco is currently re-establishing itself as a key player in Africa; the king has made high profile visits to other nations, including a meeting with religious leaders in Senegal over the importance of ensuring a moderate religious majority in the face of extremism. In 2012, Morocco played a key role in the UN resolution authorising African forces into deployment in Mali after an Al-Qaeda group claimed a significantly large portion of the country. Strategically, it plays an important role as a gateway Mediterranean nation.



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