Why is Palestine…?

Why is Palestine not on the map? / Why is Palestine not a state?

Many, yet not all, nations consider Palestine to be an independent state. In order for a country to become ‘independent’ it must fulfil all eight criteria agreed by the international community. Palestine must therefore be considered to have; 1. internationally recognised borders, 2. long term ‘citizens’/residents, 3. an organised and active economy which regulates foreign and domestic trade and issues money, 4. the power of social engineering (e.g. education and healthcare), 5. a transportation system for goods and people, 6. a government providing public services, police/military, 7. sovereignty and 8. external recognition.

The Gaza Strip and the West Bank both have populations over a million each and have working roads and transportation systems. Points 1, 3, 4, 6 and 7 are all disputable as a result of the conflict; Palestine’s borders are not legally recognised, the economy suffers from frequent blockades and Israeli currency is used. The government provides some level of education and healthcare but is not permitted to have an army. Neither the West Bank, nor the Gaza Strip have full sovereignty over their own land and the UN is still unable to offer Palestinians the right to an independent state, despite the overwhelming vote in support of Palestinian independence.

Why is Palestine not on Google Maps?

I can’t speak for Google, but here is a little Facebook petition I discovered if you care to join the struggle.

Why is Palestine important to Muslims?

Without providing too lengthy an explanation, the Occupation and the religious significance of Jerusalem make Palestine so important to Muslims. The high percentage of Muslims within the Palestinian population is a contributor to the deep sense of connection between its struggle and followers of Islam living abroad.


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