Why is the Middle East…?

Why is the Middle East a strategic region?

  1. Oil
  2. Gas and other natural resources and treasures
  3. Proximity to the state of Israel and therefore a threat to a nation supported by many outside states
  4. Middle ground between powers, potential area of great influence for both the East; Russia and China and the US
  5. Gateway to Africa, Europe, and the rest of Asia

Why is the Middle East unstable?

Year of colonialism and conflict, resulting in years of brutal dictatorships and corruption have resulted in a very precarious Middle East.

Why is the Middle East a conflict zone?

The Yinon Plan of 1982 was published at the time of occupation of Lebanon and the invasion of Beirut outlines the divide and rule strategy with the intention to make Israel the strongest country in the Middle East. Encouraged tensions between diverse ethnic and religious groups of the region ensured future ammunition lest Arabs are at risk of rebalancing power.  The enforced boundaries between groups of Arabs at the British and French accession of the Middle East disregarding, or regarding too carefully, potential sources of clashes over land in addition to constant superpower interference  and invasion, has created the conflicted region that exists today.

Of course this is a very crude analysis to simply provide an overview of the present situation.


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