Is Arabia…?

Is Arabia in Asia?

Is Arabia a country?

Is Arabia in Africa?

Is Arabia part of Asia?

As knowledge advances, the term ‘Arabia’ is less frequently used in real political discourse outside David Lean’s movie on the adventures of T.E. Lawrence. ‘Arabia’ has long since been used as a convenient all-encompassing definition by the media;  most often used to label the complex region of ethnicities, cultures, languages, skin colours and religions as a dark skinned, turban wearing, oppressed and angry mob.

The Arabian Peninsula, however, is sometimes referred to as ‘Arabia’. In actuality, it is the land mass stretching from Western Asia to the North East of Africa, not the area mistakenly understood as culturally homogenous. The peninsula is the most strategically important region of MENA (Middle East North Africa), containing the richest reserves in oil and gas.

Saudi Arabia is a state of its own and Arabic is the common language of the Middle East. Apart from the world of Aladdin and horses, few beings label themselves as Arabians but share the language and culture to define them as Arabs.


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