Why is Egypt…?

Why is Egypt so poor?

To cut five decades into 15 sentences, Egypt has suffered under the corrupt dictatorship of ex-president Hosni Mubarak for 30 years, the dictatorship of Sadat ten years previously and the dictatorship of Nasser since the 50s. Before then, Egypt endured colonial rule. Egypt has not always been so underdeveloped and owns vast reserves in historical, cultural, intellectual and (some) natural riches. Post Ptolomy, Egypt has experienced long periods of great prosperity and despite the authoritarian rule of Nasser, saw enough stability during the 50s to experience some of the cultural and social benefits of economic growth. Sadat’s capitalist revolution and the bullish continuation of state privatisation buoyed by high levels of corruption during the Mubarak regime consequently unabated by Morsi’s government, has further locked-in extreme poverty for the coming months. The self-serving leaders of Egypt have ensured their posts as the sole beneficiaries of international ‘aid’ whilst the majority of civilians continue to digest the huge pill of high interest loans laced with conditions, resulting in no improvement to their own condition.

Why is Egypt fighting?

To be overly-simplistic, the present dispute lies between the houses of Islamism and Secularism. The anti-Mubarak revolution of 25th January fractured after the election of Islamist leader Mohamed Morsi. Beguiled by megalomaniac temptations, the new regime quickly slipped into corruption, became intent on imposing Islamist ideology upon all Egyptians whilst restraining freedom as the country slipped into economic arrest – Morsi was kicked out of office a year later. His supporters are committed to halting progression in Egypt and frequently meet with secularists in violent protest.

Why is Egypt at war?

Egypt isn’t currently at war, except with itself. Islamists all over the world see civil war as a potential opportunity to hijack the nation state. Bringing the Egyptian army into disrepute is a method employed in the pursuit of their stateless dream.

Why is Egypt in turmoil?

See above.



  1. This is just bias and unfair answers, trying to justify the anti democratic move of the General CC by accusing the other side “became intent on imposing Islamist ideology upon all Egyptians whilst restraining freedom as the country slipped into economic arrest” is just untruthful explanation. The world have seen the news papers criticizing to the extent of insulting the president without any restrictions. The Brotherhood wing could be accused of some temptation to dominate posts in the government but it is not as you are trying to explain it here.

    1. Hi there,
      Good to hear from you. The aim of this section is to provide very brief, easy to digest information which will hopefully lead the reader on to do their own research. I’m not trying to justify anti democratic moves, yet explaining the reason for their existence.
      Any news station that promotes the idea that they are unbiased is lying to you. I also believe we should be free to insult any leader we like!

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