Why do Arabs…?

Why do Arabs come to London?

There are a number of reasons apart from simply touristic which inspire Arabs to come to London. The capital is extremely popular with those from the UAE for its unique shopping experience. Many also come for study and work. London is one of the most multicultural, cosmopolitan cities in the world which offers the luxurious opportunities and lifestyles that cannot be found in Middle East. Unfortunately, the most conspicuous visitors are the young ‘Gulfies’ who bring/buy luxurious racing cars to the city causing significant noise pollution, inconveniencing residents and drivers.

Why do Arabs hate Iran?

To clarify, Arabs (at least not all) do not hate Iran by default but there is an explanation for the hostility between Arab nations and Iran. Sunnis and Shias, contrary to concentrated media reports and exacerbation of tensions during the Iraq war, have coexisted peacefully for centuries. As the Shiite sect of Islam is representative of the Iranian government, it is used to spread Iranian influence across the Middle East. Clear examples of this can be found in Central Asia. The growing observance of this religious and political ideology, opens up to potential destabilisation in the region as communities become increasingly vulnerable to ‘divide and rule’. Clear distinction between Islamic loyalties exists in the UAE and Bahrain, with significant Shiite populations. The Saudi government provides the financial counterforce to the Iranian mission, ensuring the strength and adoption of Sunni Islam. Superpowers regularly utilise this difference to heighten tensions to their own benefit.

Why do Arabs hate the US?

Arabs as a whole do not hate the US. However, if one is to discuss the undeniable existence of political sympathies against invading superpowers, then previous wars waged in the region may play a contributing factor. There are many Arab-Americans who love their country of birth and parental homeland, just as many tourists love the United States and revel it its popular culture.

Why do Arabs have curly hair?

Many North Africans have curly hair simply due to genetic influence from the rest of Africa/Asia, environmental factors or (less scientifically speaking), luck.


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