Why are arabs…?

Why are Arabs so rich?

This is one of the biggest misconceptions about Arabs. Some Arabs are rich because they work and study incredibly hard and are able to access the materials to develop their careers.

The Middle East is rich in natural resources, hence endless invasions and wars. There is very high potential wealth for citizens; however corruption and mismanagement have allowed a few at the top exclusive benefit. The size of and how effectively each state uses its own resources explains the level of GDP per capita. Qatar has one of the highest levels in the world due to its recent boom in the oil industry coupled with its low population density. Figures taken from the UN place most Arab individuals at $2000 to $1000 of GDP, in comparison to European states this is very low. Shopping cohorts from the UAE to London and the US feed the idea that Arabs as a whole are filthy rich, when in reality they represent the minority. Poverty is a huge, unresolved issue in the Middle East overshadowed by immediate campaigns for war relief.

Why are Arabs white?

Arabs come in a range of shades and colours including white, brown, darker brown and black. The region is a mixture of cultures and has been invaded over centuries by the Romans, Turks and Europeans.

Why are Arabs so white?

It could be in their genes; it could also be that they need to go out into the sun a little more.

 Why are Arabs fair skinned?

See above.


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